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The following article was offered to several local publications in early 2014:


Youngsters the ticket for Model Engineering Society

For many years the Cheltenham Society of Model Engineers (CSME) has drawn large numbers of visitors to its picturesque society grounds in Hatherley Lane, Cheltenham during its regular public open afternoons. The many adults and children who attend can watch model boats on the society lake, partake of light refreshments, or ride behind powerful miniature steam trains on the elevated or ground level railway tracks.

During the years that the society has occupied its Hatherley Lane ground the members have shared their love and passion for their models with visitors and families alike over several generations. In June 2014 the CSME will be extending an invitation to anyone who wishes to learn and experience what model engineering can offer.

The boats and trains that can be viewed at the ground have been built by the members for their own pleasure, as well as for enjoyment by fellow model engineers and visitors alike, with many of the models gaining accolades at national engineering exhibitions. However the number of younger members ready to become involved in model engineering seems to be dwindling.

It is generally believed that the decrease in engineering interest in the younger generation is possibly due to the lack of hand skills (metalwork or woodwork) taught in the schools or via engineering apprenticeships. However, the CSME is potentially on hand to remedy this situation.

The CSME is not an exclusive gentleman's club but a friendly group of people with a common appetite for modelling and sharing their passion with others. The members have many years of manufacturing and engineering experience, and are keen to use this to freely coach new members of all ages and backgrounds in those skills that were possibly omitted from their more recent education. New members can become involved in their own model engineering project (train, locomotive, boat, etc.), with the CSME having access to limited workshop facilities that can help with this ambition.

Being a member of the society allows one to a drive real miniature steam train, take charge of a powerful diesel locomotive; operate radio controlled boats on the open water lake, or just make friends with the society members.

The model engineering market also appreciate that today families may not have the finance or space to allow the building of a model train or boat from scratch. To accommodate this model engineering suppliers sell train/boat kits that can be purchased in installments and only require minimal tools to complete. The CSME has facilities and experience to help anyone to assemble these kits and operate the finished model.

To help people become involved in model engineering the society is going full steam ahead to attract new members to its ranks by inviting adults and their children to a special day on Saturday, 28 June 2014. Visitors will be allowed to drive trains, take command of radio controlled boats on the lake and generally discover what model engineering at the CSME is all about. Numbers may have to be limited, so if you would like to join them on this particular occasion then please email for an invitation to special, or come along to their ground in Hatherley Lane, make yourself known and ask for an invitation. Society meeting times can be found on the website:

This hands-on experience may be just the society's ticket for an influx of new blood, and consequently fuel the society for future generations.


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