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New Ground Level Rails (April 2018)

The ground level track has now been replaced with steel rail from the elevated track station around to the far end of the top bend (including three turnouts). This was the original planned Phase 1 of the 3-phase project. Special thanks must go to the following members (in no particular order):

  1. The Core Team of Chris Howl, Mike Howse, Barry Leach, Dave Mundy, Tony Richards and Keven Rockell who, except for sickness etc., have turned out on every working party day come rain, shine and extremely cold weather.

  2. Members Gerry Merriman, Peter Poyser, Dave Price, Stuart Edgeworth, John Kidger, Mike Strange, Graham Gardner and Graham White for their stalwart efforts on the track bed edging, sleeper drilling, rail drilling, jig making, welding, ballast shifting and tea making etc..

  3. Member Gordon Drew who even though not being a 'railway' member made the task of replacing/repairing the disturbed fencing and relaying the new pedestrian crossing pathway his own.

  4. Stuart Edgeworth for providing a wood burning stove to give members a 'warm' area during their tea and lunch breaks on the many extremely cold days.

  5. Tid Wachs for providing a 'market stall' framework for covering the turnout making area and Keven Rockell for providing the plastic sheeting for the cover.

  6. Barry Morgan who even though not working on the actual ground level project attended the ground on all the ground level working party days and tidied sheds and generally maintained the society ground.

  7. All those members who could only attend on an occasional basis but assisted nevertheless.

  8. All those members whose generosity made the project possible.

Sunday, 07 October 2018, will see the start of Phase 2 of the project with the lifting of all the ground level track from the end of Phase 1 up to and including Turnout No.4 adajcent to Tony's lamp by the carraige shed.


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