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For some time I had been thinking of experimenting with a Spark Arrester and when an article appeared in Model Engineer my interest was re-kindled.

Basically the device is a simple cone of Stainless Steel gauze of about 0.015" and about 20 holes to the inch (apparently, copper is not so good as it burns away).
Peter Taylor

The larger diameter of the cone is an easy fit over the Petticoat Pipe whilst the smaller end locates and rests on the blower ring.

Now, Spark Arresters have been known to affect steaming but I took a chance and dived in at the deep end by trying it out at the last Public Running Day. Although the arrester needed a good brush out at the end of the day, the steaming did not seem to suffer.

I believe that it could have prevented the unsuspecting passengers being showered with hot sparks when the engine was working hard, so I shall keep it in place and monitor the performance.

Spark Arrester


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